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The creative thoughts of our marketing genius will change your business.

Using the power of words, imagery and ideas to connect straight to the heart.


The creative thoughts of our marketing genius will change your business.

Using the power of words, imagery and ideas to connect straight to the heart.


We thrive at creative marketing solutions for a growing business.


We are driven by creative marketing solutions through our strategic approach focusing on your ideas & passions.

Our approach is intuitive and produces results.




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Welcome to Ekon Advertising Sdn Bhd – Kuala Lumpur.

We are a full fledged advertising & creative agency committed to be your brand champion.

To that end, we will do whatever it takes to make your business win and stand out above the crowd.

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“According to a report by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), 70% of those who attend plan to purchase one or more products and on the average 76% of those visiting will request quotes.”
“The study also reports that 72% of those attending corporate events and trade shows say the show or event had a big influence on their ultimate decision to purchase. And 87% of the visitors pass on some of the information they have obtained at these corporate events.”
“According to Renee Out Of Office, 75 percent of buying decisions are based off of emotions, which makes the fact that a mere 20 percent of a company’s customers will create 80 percent of their revenue. This makes the decision to use an emotion driven campaign in order to reel in the customers one that is incredibly easy.”
“Companies that decide to spend more on personal branding and making them stand out from the other companies, even during harder times, boost their stock price by 5-7%.”
“According to a CMO Council statistic for 2012, direct marketing generated a whopping $2 trillion in sales, while traditional marketing that even the older companies rely on, featuring strategies such as mailing promotional information directly to peoples addresses, is still a $93 billion industry.”
“Snail mail delivers a 1.1%-1.4% success rate, compared to Internet search’s .22%, email’s mere .03%, Internet ad’s measly .04%. On that note, people respond better to receiving mail than email, so customer’s end up generally more satisfied for this method, with a 25 percent satisfaction rate for mail and a 23 percent satisfaction rate for email.”
“According to CMO Council, the old-fashioned yet sincerely loved form of marketing via newspaper ads has seen another 3.7 percent decline in 2012 alone. The response rates for the more typical forms of marketing, with phone at 8 percent, mail at 1.44 percent, postcard at 1.12 percent, and catalog at .94%.”
“According to Search Decoder, spending on social media based marketing increased to $118.4 billion in 2013. Because 86 percent of homebodies and families skip through T.V. commercials, 44 percent of those same people never open the junk mail, and 91 percent unsubscribe to companies emails without them even knowing. Social media is becoming the tipping point.”
“According to Business 2 Community, in 2015 Internet and social media based marketing will rule 25 percent of the entire ad market. On top of that, there are 76 million young adults, 63 percent with bachelor’s degrees, that make up 26 percent of our population. 89 percent of these young adults are active on social media, and 63 percent of them believe the only way to stay updated on their favorite brands and business is through social media.”
“Tweets with images on them are clicked on 18 more times and re-tweeted 150 percent more (which means they are directly shared to all of the persons followers) than a tweet without one. By having a strategic social media strategy and likable picture to connect to your brand and targeting these unique options, you will be able to connect with these young adult and middle-aged customers.”
“A recent business study in the Forbes online magazine, statistics from the Gartner Group, also says that 20% of your customers actually deliver 80% of your revenue. It’s also important to note, according to that same study, 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow on social media.”
“Building loyalty with merely 5% of your customers can lead to an increase in average profits from 25% to 100%.”
“When you consider 75% of all purchases are made based on the consumer’s emotions according to a study from Impact Radius, it is imperative to employ integrated campaigns into your branding. Things such as creative services, social media, branding and even bringing on some public relations experts.”
“According to a recent report by the Zo’calo Group, a social marketing agency, a whopping 92% of consumers view word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends to be the most influential when they are deciding on a purchase.”

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